Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows
A Dwarf, Two Elves, and a barbarian Hillsman walk into a dark alley...

“Honestly Missus, the last thing I’d ‘spected to see t’night was them four. Still don’t know who they are, or where they came from – but thank the Maker and thank his curious ways that he sent that lot to us in our time of need.

“As yeh know, Marissa and I’d been seein’ signs that them cursed cultists’d found their feet again, an’ after such a long stretch, I’da hoped that the last time we seen ‘em were the final. Regardless, the boys an’ I ‘ad made a breakthrough tonight. We heard one of the attacks happen’n when we was out on patrol and were able to cut the Silent Tongues down where they stood. Their leader had a list of four addresses written, one of which we was at, so we ran off to the next closest.

“The boys an’ I, we made it down there to the second house and found the parents slaughtered, like the times years ago. But this time, it was before the blood were cold, and we set off quick. We chased signs through the alleys, quick as we could – e’en heard sound of fight’n off in the distance, so we knew we was close.

“Well. We rounded the cornah, and saw ‘em. The hillsman was just kinda standin’ there with the kid, while the dwarf an’ the elf looked like they was sneakin’ away – but like they wasn’t quite willin’ tah leave the hillsman behind.

“Wot, Ma’am?

“Oh yeh. The fo’rth. Didn’t have no clue he was even there, ’til later.

“Well, the elf, the wierd one, had patched the kid up. Saved ‘is life. An’ we didn’t have no time to figgah, so I sent them three to the fourth address, while me an’ the boys hit the third. Yeah, minus Rohb, who saw to the boy, of course.

“So we hit the third house, got there in time to stop the cultists there too, an’ beat the location of where they were headquarterin’ outta. ‘The Chapel of the Stilled Tongue’ ‘e called it. Bastard breedah. So we set off, trust’n … hopin’ By the Maker … that the hillsman an’ ’is friends were successful.

“That was pretty much that, ma’am. We got to their dark chantry an’ th’Abomination set into us. The hillsman an’ ‘is allies pulled us outta that fire for sure – Came outta nowhere an’ cut ‘er down where she stood! I owe ’em all mine an’ the boy’s life’s, straight as an arrow, Missus.

“Yes ma’am, I lettum know they’d be rewarded.

“Yes ma’am, it wos th’ Avvar – friendly look’n if it weren’t fer that wicked notched blade as tall as ‘e wos, the Dalish wot I hadn’t seen, the wierd elf that them down in the Alienage had mentioned before, an’ a Dwarf. One of the ones with the face brand, aye. Rugged looking, sword an’ board type.

“Aye. Yes ma’am. Yes I will, I’ll have word sent to ’em.”

- Braedon, Captain of the House Baranti Guard, to Bann Nicola Baranti.
- On the slaying of the abomination known as Mother Brianna,
- of the Chantry of the Stilled Tongue

The Beginning – Recap


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