Bann Nicola Baranti

House Baranti Matron


Bann Nicola Baranti is a Fereldan woman in her 70s, physically frail but exceptionally strong-willed. She is absolutely charming and projects an image tantamount to saintliness. While clearly proud, she cultivates a public sense of good humor, laughing at her own foibles, that makes her easy to like.


Bann Nicola publicly dedicates herself to good works within Denerim, establishing orphanages and funding new chapels in areas too poor to afford them.

Now a grandmother in her late 70s, Bann Nicola is elderly but sharp as a dagger, firmly in charge of her household and still dedicated to doing good works and helping the unfortunate. Her reputation in Denerim is nearly unassailable.

Bann Nicola surrounds herself with individuals who are charming and bright – good conversationalists. Her servants are kindlier and more physically attractive than most in Denerim; she does not tolerate cruelty in her guards or servants, and dismisses anyone who could spoil her good reputation.

Bann Nicola has shown a remarkable amount of patience with the Bedfellows, but seems genuinely impressed with their capabilities – enough so that she’s offered them her sponsorship. Bann Nicola’s actions are directly responsible for Ianto’s release from the Denerim Chantry’s Templar, Ser Aragard

Bann Nicola Baranti

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