Coalan (Deceased)

Master Coalan, Vintiver Blacksmith


A large solitary man with little time for ‘foolishness’. Built like the village blacksmith, Master Coalan often goes shirtless, covered only by his leather blacksmith’s apron.


Master Coalan has always been a good and upstanding member of the Vintiver community. A serious man with serious responsibilities, he focuses mainly on his constant stream of work.

Known to have an issue with his temper, Master Coalan usually keeps it in check except around his apprentice Dorn Mullen, who still only thinks of Coalan as ‘prickly’, not violent.

The most recent Vintiver Harvest Festival lead to a series of events that forced Master Coalan to take action for the sake of the village.

After a drunken night of carousing lead Coalan to the information that Grognar and Shaemus were lying to him about their alliance with the Dalish elf Sharlamand, Master Coalan and some of the other men of Vintiver attempted to run the possible confidence men out of their village. A brawl ensued outside of town, but Coalan branded Grognar a murderer, when the Avvar Barbarian drew steel and nearly cleaved the village schoolteacher in twain.

Hailed as a Hero, Master Coalan gave his life defending Vintiver in one-to-one combat with the Abomination Mythallen.

Coalan (Deceased)

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