Dalish Elf Survivor


A bright and clever young Dalish woman, in training to be lorekeeper.


Eshara barely escaped from the abomination Mythallen and was found barely alive in the Fuldor farmstead’s barn by the Bedfellows.

Nursed back to health by Ianto, she recounted the tale of the Harvest festival, the fight that ensued between one of the Dalish hunters named Harralan (Deceased) and Master Coalan and of the Dalish people’s journey away from Vintiver.

She recounted the disappearances of Harralan and the other hunters and the eventual attack of the abomination Mythallen, her people’s capture, and her escape with the Silver Link.

She is concious, though still recovering, and is leading the Bedfellows to the location of the Dalish caravan.


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