Quick witted warrior with a taste for adventure. Primarily a two handed weapon wielding fiend.


Grognar Vhenalin EXP. 3090

Race: Avvarian Hillsman
Class: Warrior 2
Sex: Male

Communication:2 (Animal Handling)
Strength:4 (Might)(Heavy Blades)(Climbing)

Speak: Trade Tongue

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Heavy Blades, Spears
Talents: 2 Hand Style, Thrown Weapon Style, Armor Training (Leather and Mail)

Starting Health: 39

Defense: 12
Armor: 5
Penalty: -2
Speed: 11
Initiative: +2

Move Charge Run
11 5 23
Weapon Attack Damage
Two-Handed Sword +6 3d6+4
Throwing Axe +4 1d6+5
Gauntlet +2 1d3+5

GEAR: 91s 50c 20s worth of valuables
Backpack, Travelers Garb, Waterskin, Rope, Mountain Garb, Flint and Steel, Whetstone, Belt Pouch, 1 Week of Travel Rations

Light Mail Armor, Throwing Axe, Two Handed Sword, Gauntlet


In his youth he claimed his rightful place amongst his people by slaying a marauding bear that had been attacking an outlying farmstead. He was only twelve but already strong for his age and large. He happened upon the scene while delivering a message for his chieftain. A small girl was trapped in a tree with the snarling brutish creature gnashing its teeth and tearing at the trunk. The leaves and the girl shook violently with the heaves of the great beast. Without concern for his safety he drew his two handed axe that his father given him and charged the bear. A wild and reckless maneuver but the bear did not have time to turn and Grognar’s axe bit deeply into the back of the beast causing it to howl and snarl wickedly in pain and frustration.


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