Haran and Kesla Mullin

Inkeepers - 'The Arbor Inn' at Vintiver


Owners and keepers of the Arbor Inn, Vintiver’s sole inn and taproom – the center of social life in the village. Good folk with a live-and-let-live philosophy, they believe in hard work, hospitality, and caring for family and neighbors.

Kesla’s father Ulten built the Inn, then she inherited it. Her mother Torra still cooks in the inn’s kitchen – still vital and vivacious in her 60’s. Their four youngest children, Finella(16), Dagmar(14), Amina(12), and Elfrida(10) all work at the inn in various capabilities.

Their eldest son, Dorn, age 18, is apprenticed to Master Coalan.

Haran and Kesla Mullin

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