Ser Henric

Denerim Chantry Templar, Ianto's guardian.


Ser Henric prefers plate mail, with a long sword and shield. He proudly bears the crest of the Denerim Chantry and the Templar order.


Ser Henric is a younger Templar, but under Ser Aragard‘s tutelage, he’s become a quite capable, brave, and very pious Templar of the Chantry.

Ser Henric was assigned to escort Ianto to the Circle Tower by Ser Aragard, but was given the slip by the Bedfellows and was last seen on the road to Lothering, in search of his ward.

Sharlamand, with the aid of Bando, arranged for Ser Henric’s lunch to be poisoned with a sleeping agent, but Ianto claims that something else entirely lead to the Templar’s mid-afternoon nap that allowed the Bedfellows to escape.

Ser Henric

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