Dwarf Warrior (Level 2)



Race: Surface Dwarf
Class: Warrior 2 EXP: 3150
Sex: Male

Communication: 0
Constitution: 4 (Stamina)
Cunning: 0
Dexterity: 2 (Brawling)
Magic: 0
Perception: 1
Strength: 2 (Axes)(Climbing)
Willpower: 2 (Courage)

Speak and Read: Trade Tongue, Dwarven

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Axes, Bows, Spears

Talents: Weapon & Shield(Novice), Archery style(Novice), Armor Training(Novice)

Starting Health: 50!!

Defense: 14
Armor: 4
Penalty: -1
Speed: 9
Initiative: +2

Move Charge Run
9 4 18
Weapon Attack Damage
Battle Axe +4 2d6+2
Spear, One-Hand +2 1d6+3
Short Bow +2 1d6+2
Unarmed +4 1d3+2

wooden block and tackle
Quarter Keg of Liquor*
A Backpack
Travelers Garb
A Waterskin
Heavy Leather Armor
Battle Axe
Short Bow
quiver 20 arrows
Medium Shield
Additional Gear
Lantern x2
Belt Pouch x2
Torch x5
Spike x5
Flint and Steel
20 arrows
Cart w/ burt
11 days travel rations
Cactus family heirloom
4 days feed for burt in a feed bag
house baranti letter of merit
prayer crystal (90sp)
Gold: 00
Silver: 41
Copper: 55


Born under the shadow of a tavern outhouse in Orzammar, Shaemus Housinout (His mother thought it was a funny name since the real father is unknown) was from the lowest of the low caste dwarves. His first employment was ironically cleaning the excrement out of facilities throughout the city and picking up the animal droppings in the road which is where he earned his nickname ‘Shit-house Shaemus’, which he loathes.

There is not much else to say about Shaemus Housinout other than that his outhouse cleaning days are behind him … he hopes. Turning his back on the dwarven city of Orzammar was the first step, now making a name for himself that doesn’t include the word shit is all that he cares for


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