Sister Arda

Vinvtiver Chantry Sister


A Chantry Sister in her late 30’s, Sister Arda is obviously the result of a cosmopolitan upbringing-meets-lifetime on the frontier lands.


Sister Arda was trained in Denerim, but chose to immigrate to the frontier lands eighteen years ago to minister to people in need of spiritual guidance, feeling she could do more there than in the great temple of the capital city. She has helped build up the Chantry in Vintiver, both figuratively and with her own hands. She is a known and welcomed part of the community.

Sister Arda is willing to accept that the Song might need slightly different words or tempo in Vintiver than in the heart of the Chantry’s power, so long as the tune is still the same. She does not believe in blind adherence to dogma, and tends to overlook various local superstitions and customs dating back to tribal times.

Sister Arda sheltered Ianto and Eshara, and helped the Circle Mage nurse the Dalish girl back to health after he smuggled the wounded girl into town.

Sister Arda

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