Tag: Brecilian Forest


  • Eshara

    Eshara barely escaped from the abomination Mythallen and was found barely alive in the Fuldor farmstead's barn by the Bedfellows. Nursed back to health by [[:ianto-1]], she recounted the tale of the Harvest festival, the fight that ensued between one …

  • Harralan (Deceased)

    Harralan was the Dalish hunter that fought with [[:coalan-1]] during the Vintiver harvest festival, when Master Coalan caught him flirting with one of the local girls. Kicked out of Vintiver, he later came up missing.

  • Mythallen (Deceased)

    Mythallen is a creature of primal rage and hate, who has killed or captured [[:eshara-2]]'s entire Clan. After freeing Eshara's clan-mates, the Bedfellows were able to interrupt Mythallen's attack on the village of Vintiver, preventing him from the …