Tag: Dalish Elf


  • Sharlamand

    Born under a full moon, I have always had strong beliefs in my heritage. I have always believed in reclaiming Argathan by whatever means necessary. The city elves gave up their beliefs and walked away from the past. They are almost as bad as the men who …

  • Eshara

    Eshara barely escaped from the abomination Mythallen and was found barely alive in the Fuldor farmstead's barn by the Bedfellows. Nursed back to health by [[:ianto-1]], she recounted the tale of the Harvest festival, the fight that ensued between one …

  • Harralan (Deceased)

    Harralan was the Dalish hunter that fought with [[:coalan-1]] during the Vintiver harvest festival, when Master Coalan caught him flirting with one of the local girls. Kicked out of Vintiver, he later came up missing.