Tag: House Baranti


  • Captain Braedon

    Braedon is an extremely dangerous foe, and fiercely loyal to his mistress. Braedon owes his and his men's lives to the actions of the Bedfellows. He seems to have taken a liking to Grognar, who he claims 'reminds him of a young me'.

  • Bann Nicola Baranti

    Bann Nicola publicly dedicates herself to good works within Denerim, establishing orphanages and funding new chapels in areas too poor to afford them. Now a grandmother in her late 70s, Bann Nicola is elderly but sharp as a dagger, firmly in charge of …

  • Bando

    Bando is Bann Nicola Baranti's social secretary and advisor. Precise in his words and actions, he is notorious for successfully organizing social events under crushing pressures of time and ego. He has never been known to discuss why he left Orzammar …

  • Adric Baranti

    Raised by [[:bann-nicola-baranti|Bann Nicola]] after his parents Tanner and Lina died while attempting to save people from a burning home in a Denerim summer fire. He is arranged to marry Tanith, daughter of Bann Gordon Curwen - but finds pleasure in …