Tag: Templar


  • Ser Aragard

    Little is known yet of Ser Aragard, other than the fact that he is the elder brother of [[:ser-addison]], the Templar originally assigned to accompany [[:ianto-1]] on his studies of the [[Elves|Dalish]].

  • Ser Addison (Deceased)

    Ser Addison was one of the Circle Tower's best and brightest young Templars. He not only believed full-heartedly in the teachings of the tower, but had a youthful vigor and openness to learning that marked a true scholar. When the mission to send a [[ …

  • Ser Henric

    Ser Henric is a younger Templar, but under [[:ser-aragard]]'s tutelage, he's become a quite capable, brave, and very pious Templar of the Chantry. Ser Henric was assigned to escort [[:ianto-1]] to the [[Circle Tower]] by [[:ser-aragard]], but was given …