Major Actions

All-out Attack +1 to Damage, -1 to Defense
Charge Move 1/2 your speed, then +1 Melee attack
Defend +2 to Defense until your next turn
Heal TN 11 Cunning(Healing) test. Heals Dragon Die + Cunning in hits. Bandages must have been readied
Melee Attack Attack adjacent enemy (2 yds)
Ranged Attack Fire/Throw a weapon
Run Move 2x Speed in yds

Minor Actions

Activate Start using a power or item. Fighting style, potions, etc
Aim +1 to attack, next melee or missile roll
Guard Up +1 or +2 to defense until end of the round, -1 or -2 to all other actions that round
Move Move speed in yds. Or, Go Prone, Stand Up, Mount horse + 1/2 move
Prepare Hold action, action must be declared, allows interrupt
Press the Attack Ready to chase the enemy if he flees
Ready Ready weapon, prep potion, swap weapons, reload
Stand Firm Resist Knockdown or Knockback.
Enemy makes opp. STR vs your STR or DEX

Combat Notes:

Can pull killing blows = 1hp + 2D6 minutes Unconcious


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