Magic Mishaps

The Risks of Magic

As the existence of the Circle of Magi and the Templars attest, magic is a dangerous practice. The simple
and basic spells given in Dragon Age: Set 1 are relatively safe, apart from the strain they place on the
caster’s mana. More advanced magic, like that found in this set, however, comes with additional risks.
When casting any spell with a requirement, if the casting roll fails and the Dragon Die comes up a 1, then a
magical mishap occurs.

Casting roll failure + Dragon Die of 1 = Magical mishap

When there is a magical mishap, the caster immediately makes another Magic test (with the same focus)
against the spell’s Target Number. A successful test means the caster is merely knocked prone, like the
standard stunt. It takes a minor action to get back up, and opponents gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls
against the prone mage. The mage has the option on a successful test to spend additional mana equal to
the spell’s original cost. If so, then the mishap has no effect. The mage is not knocked prone, but has spent
double the normal mana for a failed spell.

If the second Magic test fails, then the outcome of the mishap is based on the result of the Dragon Die:

Magical Mishaps

Dragon Mishap
Die Result
1 Misfire: The spell effect occurs, but targets an ally rather than an enemy (or vice versa) or
has the opposite of the intended effect (healing rather than harming, or vice versa). The
GM determines the particulars of the misfire.
2 Backlash: The shock of the mishap leaves the mage unable to cast any spells for 1d6
3 Mana Drain: The mage loses mana equal to twice the normal mana cost of the spell in
addition to the initial cost paid (for a total of triple the usual cost).
4 Mana Burn: The mage loses Health equal to twice the mana cost of the attempted spell.
5 Lost in the Fade: The mage falls into a trance, spirit lost in the depths of the Fade for 2d6
minutes. The mage is helpless during this time and vulnerable to a Coup de Grace.
6 Harrowing: As Lost in the Fade, except the mage must also make a Willpower (Faith or
Self-Discipline) Test (TN 13) every two minutes to avoid being possessed by a demon and
becoming an abomination. The longer the mage’s spirit wanders the Fade, the greater the

Magic Mishaps

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