’Til the dregs of the Storm be past..

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SPOILER ALERT – We will be using some of the published Adventure content from Green Ronin. If you’re lurking, a potential DA:RPG player, and think that your GM might use pregen content, best to turn back now, or at least avoid the Adventure Log and the Discoveries section in the Wiki

Thanks for coming!
Not only is this our group’s first look into the Dragon Age RPG, it’s also our first venture into using electronic means to game. We’ve been playing together for years as a whole, but have decided to use the e-medium as a way to reconnect over the time and space that comes with “growing up”.

We’re currently utilizing:
  • Skype
  • Scriblink
  • Obsidian Portal
One of the members and I played around with some of the online tabletop programs, but I have some firewall restrictions where I’m at, that make them pretty much unusable. We’ve found that Scriblink pretty much satisfies our needs, except for being able to erase marks made on our uploaded sketches/maps w/o overwriting the map layer.

Recent Changes

  • 4/14/11 – House Rule – +10% session XP bonus for Adventure Logs, Sketches, etc. No need to Wiki format, can just email them to me.
  • 4/14/11 – Working on uploading site Art, but there seems to be an issue atm.
  • Inserted some temporary Character Portraits
    Please feel free to change the Portraits to ones of your own choosing, I was just tired of looking at Silhouettes ;)

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Strange Bedfellows

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