New Focuses

Here are some new Focuses, added by the Playtest Version of the Second Box Set.

Blood (Magic): Understanding the forbidden art of Blood magic.
Brewing (Cunning): Making beers, ales, and other concoctions.
Crafting (Dexterity): Making items with manual skills like wood working, sculpting, glass blowing, etc.
Dueling (Dexterity): Fighting with weapons from the Dueling Group.
Herb Lore (Cunning): Knowing about herbs, their uses, and preparations.
Poison Lore (Cunning): Knowing about herbs, their uses, and preparations.
Qun (Cunning): Knowing about the philosophy of the Qunari people.
Smithing (Strength): Forging items made of metal, from weapons to jewelry.

New Talent

Quick Reflexes
Classes: Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.
You react to threats speedily and instinctually.
Requirement: You must have Dexterity 2 or higher.
Novice: You can prepare yourself for action in an instant. Ready is a free action for you.
Journeyman: You can flip yourself up or drop down with lightning speed. You can go prone or
stand up as a free action. These normally can only be done as part of a move action.

New Focuses

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